Surrounding yourself with the right team will give you confidence to make a smart and informed decision.

Consult with your lawyer, bank or mortgage broker, accountant or financial advisor, builder or contractor, as well as family and friends to provide you with as much information so you can be confident and happy in your new home.

Lawyer. Having a lawyer on your team will ensure that the buying process goes smoothly, and your legal interests are protected. A lawyer will assist you in reviewing contracts such as the Offer (or Agreement) to Purchase, as well as checking for title and other potential challenges on the property you’re interested in. Ensure that your lawyer has real estate law expertise, uses language and terms you can understand, and charges acceptable fees.

Bank/Mortgage broker. Your bank or mortgage broker will help you get preapproved and can assist you in completing the mortgage application, as well as finding the type of mortgage and interest rate that’s best suited for you.

Insurance broker. An insurance broker can help you with your property insurance and mortgage life insurance during the process of buying your home.

Family and friends. Your team should also consist of family and friends because they have your best interest in mind and have likely gone through the home buying process in the past. They will be able to give you insight into how their own process went and things to look out for.