5 Interior Design Trends to Refresh Your Home

New year, new space! More and more people are working remotely and it may be time to refresh and reset your living space. Highmark Homes has a few home design trends to help rejuvenate your space and make living and working from home feel stylish, comfortable and brand new. Take a look at our top five interior design trends for 2021:

1. Neutral Colour Palette

Warm tones have been trending for a while and they seem to be here to stay. In the world we currently live in, our homes are our sanctuary, safe space and source of relaxation. Light and airy interiors with warm tones are trending because they are calming. They inspire relaxed attitudes and serve to be a personal oasis. In this work-from-home climate, this makes all the difference.

2. Multi-Functional Spaces

In the era of working from home, having a space that suits multiple needs is not only popular, but necessary. Bedrooms are now doubling as home offices and kitchen counters are now desks. This year has made us rethink how we use your space. With this in mind, design experts and companies are coming up with new methods of storage and new design solutions to suit the needs of the employee and the home-body.

3. Cozy Textured Materials

As we spend more times in our homes, comfort is king. This may explain why ultra-plush faux furs, sherpa, and boucle fabrics are popping up everywhere. Warm and cozy throw blankets on couches, softly textured pillows on chairs, a faux fur rug by the desk – the aim is to be as comfortable as possible this year.

4. Go Green

With an emphasis on natural and simple living, having more houseplants, especially when we’re home more often to take care of them, is only, well, natural. Incorporating house plants in your home can refresh your air and brighten your mood and add a sense of accomplishment when they begin to thrive and bloom. Plus, adding green accents amid neutral tones, is a beautiful colour combination.

5. Curved Lines

Curvy is the way to go this year, with classic archways and soft curves on furniture and surfaces in style. Mix softer lines in with edgier ones, to make the room feel multi-dimensional and current.