The Benefits of a Large Townhome vs. a Small Detached Home

There are many things to consider when searching for the best home for you and your loved ones. Which area do you want to live in? How much can you afford? New or resale?

Are you considering buying a new home or townhome? If so, you may also be wondering, “Which is better for me: a townhome or a detached home?”

There are many advantages to buying a townhome over a detached home. Here are some of the main benefits you’ll want to consider:

Better Price

Townhomes give you more bang for your buck. Per square foot, you simply get more. Buying a new townhome allows you to live in a great location and to get a large home for less.

If you compare your average detached home to a townhome based on price and square footage, the difference is very noticeable. Take a home in Whitby, Ontario for example. The average detached home in Whitby costs $713,871* and is about 2,200 square feet – and several years old. For that same cost – or even a bit less – you can get a townhome in Whitby that’s up to 2,700 square feet, that’s brand new and fully warranted.

That brand new home with an extra 500 square feet is the size of many condos in Toronto. It’s enough space for more bedrooms, a home office, a craft room, a games room or some combination of them. It’s more space for your family to enjoy and to call home.

Townhomes are great starter homes for first-time buyers, couples and young families. They’re also great options for empty nesters. Less money spent on your home means more money in your pocket. Which means more savings, more vacations or more of whatever’s important to you. More space means more enjoyment of your home, more relaxing and more living large, with fewer expenses such as utilities and taxes.

Lower Maintenance

Townhome living eliminates much of the time-consuming maintenance that detached homes demand. There’s less yard work, less shoveling of snow in the winter and fewer repairs around the home.

Millennial home buyers, first-time home buyers, busy families and retired Baby Boomers can all enjoy this. Townhome living gives you more time for living.

Get the Total Package

The upcoming Phase 4 at our popular Triumph community in Whitby, Ontario features large freehold townhouses up to 2,700 square feet. The townhomes are freehold, so you have full ownership, just as you would for a detached home. No management fees, no condo board, and no common areas.

They also feature double-car tandem garages, which even many detached homes don’t include. This gives your family the space and comfort they need, and is great for families with more than one car or who just want a bit of extra storage space for bikes and tools.

Triumph also has its own community park, the Vanier Park. This 3.5 acre park is an incredible gathering spot for community members. A townhome community is a great place to make your neighbour your friend, and to meet new people.

Triumph is located in the heart of Whitby, close to shops, restaurants and schools. It’s only 10 minutes from the Whitby GO Station, making trips and commutes a breeze. With a townhome, you can live in a great location for less.

Townhomes are also more likely to have the newest and coolest features and finishes. Triumph townhomes feature fresh designs, killer kitchens and modern finishes.

There are so many reasons to opt for a townhome over a detached home. From saving money to saving time to getting more space and the total package – it’s a win-win.

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Source(Current as of December 2019)